Dandy has the creative mind that never stops

Almost compulsively artistic. Some feel envious of it, others don’t understand it. Dandy’s fickle nature take expression in a tireless quest for something new. Always with a burning desire to find stylistic expressive costumes, often with a touch of irony, to complement its charming personality.

But don’t be fooled by Dandy’s upscale exterior. In the quest to always be one step ahead one can sometimes be perceived slightly flippant. But the idea is not to be rude. Not at all.

Under the gleaming facade with its eccentric aesthetics lies a simple creature. A down to earth and simple person whose sole ambition is to dance on the table, dressed in a sensational attire.

Dandy’s coasters are designed and manufactured in Sweden, of Swedish paper from Lessebo Bruk. Lessebo Bruk’s Colorit is rated as one of Europe’s best in terms of both quality and environmental impacts of carbon neutrality.